Armatos trains you in understanding how voice technique and speech effects outcome, guides you in analysing how individual physical dynamics and movement psychology can influence your behaviour and those around you. The work enables you to determine successful and effective change impact in the workplace through science based research and practical techniques in emotion, environment and behavioural strategy.

We coach individuals and organisations in voice, body language and non verbal communication.  We focus on developing and strengthening communication skills. Our approach is fast, practical and detailed. Our clients span banking, insurance, IT, media, higher education, accounting, start-ups, recruitment, oil and gas, the civil service and the luxury retails, leisure and hospitality industries.

We pride ourselves on our discretion, excellence and tailor made service.

To find out more please contact:

Anna at anna_ostergren@me.com or Jotham at jothamannan@me.com

Tel: 07855557749 or 07813149222